Take away - take the circus home!

Did you know that some of our restaurants offer take away? We certainly have the world's most cozy restaurants, if we may say so ourselves. But sometimes you just want to put on a pair of comfortable pants, throw your legs up on the couch and watch a good movie. Do this, without compromising the dining experience with Pinchos take away!

Go into the app, select a restaurant, click on take away and then select and wreck among lots of small dishes and drinks. You will receive a push notification when the food is ready to be picked up at the restaurant.

Have a nice meal!

1. Select restaurant in the app

Choose which restaurant you want to order from. The restaurant closest to you automatically ends up at the top of the list.
Psst! Do not forget to join our guest club The Circus to collect bonuses and take advantage of other features and offers. All new members receive a free tapas.

Note! Not all our restaurant can offer take away.

2. Select take away

When you click on the right restaurant, a "Order take away" button appears if your restaurant can offer this. Click on "Order take away" to go to the take away menu. All good snacks and soft drinks are presented with pictures. Where needed, there is also allergy info for you to keep track of what you order.

3. Choose food and drinks

Take a quick look at our take-away times before you start your order, it is possible to pre-order for up to two weeks in advance for collection during the restaurant's open hours. Then add food and drink by clicking on the plus sign in the menu. We recommend that you take four to six dishes.

Click Continue when you are satisfied.

4. Time to order

Take one last look at your order, make any changes and make sure you have not forgotten anything. Press Continue when you are satisfied.
Don't forget to choose if you want to use your bonus tapas if you have any!

5. Choose pickup time

Now you get to choose the time you want to pick up your order. You can now also pre-book your take away up to 14 days in advance. Perfect if you want to make sure you get your food on time for your favorite program tomorrow night or the birthday party next Saturday!

6. Choose how you want to pay

Select an existing card from the list or add a new one. Here you can also choose to pay with a digital gift card you received.

7. Your order confirmation

When the purchase has been completed, you will receive an order confirmation so that you know that your order is now in safe hands with our tapas chefs. Here you can also see an estimated time indication of when your food should be ready for collection and chat directly with the restaurant if you have special requests.

8. The food is ready to be enjoyed!

We will send you a push notice when your order starts to be cooked in the restaurant, and when it is ready to be picked up. Talk to the butler in the restaurant's entrance and go and get the food for you!

Order take away

Frequently asked questions about take away

Kan jag få maten utkörd?

Inte just nu, för tillfället hämtar du maten du beställer på restaurangen du beställt av.

Kan jag betala på restaurangen?

Du betalar via vår app i samband med att du skickar din order till restaurangen.

Kan jag använda mina bonuspoäng för att beställa/betala take away?


Kan jag använda mina digitala presentkort för att betala take away?

Ja, det går fint!

Får jag bonuspoäng när jag handlar take away? 

Ja! :)

Det saknas något i min order, vad gör jag?

Det var tråkigt att höra! Kontakta restaurangen du handlade av så kompenserar de dig för rätten som du saknar. Du kan använda formuläret på den här sidan: https://pinchos.se/contact

Varför finns inte alla rätter från den vanliga menyn som take away? 

För oss är det viktigt att din take away-upplevelse blir så bra som möjligt. Därför har vi valt att plocka bort några av våra rätter från just take away-menyn, helt enkelt för att vi inte tror att de skulle göra sig så bra i det formatet! :)

Vi är dock glada över önskemål, lämna gärna feedback via vårt formulär.

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