Did you know that some of our restaurants offer take away? We certainly have the world's most cozy restaurants, if we may say so ourselves. But sometimes, you just want to throw on a pair of sweatpants, kick back on the couch, and watch a good movie.

Simply open the app, select your restaurant, click on take away, and then browse through a variety of small dishes and drinks. You'll receive a push notification when your food is ready to be picked up at the restaurant.

Take away is only available at selected restaurants.


Frequently asked questions about take away

Can I have my food delivered?

Not, you need to pick up your order at the restaurant you ordered from.

Can I pay at the restaurant?

You pay through our app when you send your order to the restaurant.

Can I use my bonus points to order/pay for take away?


Can I use my digital gift cards to pay for take away?

Yes, that works fine!

Do I earn bonus points when I buy take away?

Yes! :)

Something is missing from my order, what should I do?

That's unfortunate to hear! Please contact the restaurant you ordered from, and they will compensate you for the missing item. You can use the form on this page.

Why aren't all dishes from the regular menu available for take away?

For us, it's important that your take away experience is as good as possible. Therefore, we have chosen to remove some of our dishes from the take away menu simply because we don't believe they are suited for delivery.

We are happy to receive feedback, please leave your comments through our form.

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