Continued safety at Pinchos during the pandemic

Friday, October 30
We take the restrictions seriously and we do everything we can to make you feel safe. Our staff follow strict ways of working to make sure we are compliant with the current restrictions. You are more than welcome to visit us as usual or to use our take away service.

Parts of our action programme:
* We now allow fewer guests to book at the same time.
* We have more space between our tables. You will be seated on the recommended distance from other guests.
* Our chefs now only mark one order at a time as finished. This leads to no queueing or overcrowded food pickups.
* Soap and hand sanitizer are always available by the sinks for both guests and employees.
* When you pick up your take away order, our staff will get the food for you. You just wait by the door and thereby avoid too many people.

Read our action programme
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